ID Network Watch

ID Network Watch 1.2

ID Network Watch monitors your entire network traffic, keeping...

ID Network Watch monitors your entire network traffic, keeping you informed at all times about your connections status. ID Network Watch counts your network traffic, giving you accurate reports about the network activity at your request.

You will so be in control of your personal network traffic. If you have limited traffic internet-connection, ID Network Watch will alert you whenever you come close to crossing over those limits.

Manages your network bandwidth, giving you the opportunity to set it up according to your personal preferences. Limits the bandwidth provided for each Internet user in your network.

ID Network Watch lets you select personal desires regarding allowance time and upload-speed each network user is allowed to use. ID Network Watch increases your network`s efficiency, and speeds-up all Internet applications, making them run at their highest potential.

ID Network Watch lets you apply speed-regulations to specific IP addresses, ports and even network interfaces, with no changes to existing network infrastructure.

ID Network Watch is a simple, very easy to use application, has a convenient graphic interface, and takes little space on your computer to run.

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